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Frequently asked questions

What should I/my camper pack?

Packing varies from camp to camp so check their registration form for more specific instructions. Otherwise, bring the basics: toiletries, bedding (to fit a twin size), any medication (in its original packaging), and a pair of closed toe shoes!

Please DO NOT bring any kind of alcohol or drugs (including e-cigarettes and tobacco products), fireworks, or weapons.

What if I/my camper has food allergies or special dietary needs?

MCRC strives to meet the dietary needs of each person, whether it be a vegan/vegetarian diet, food sensitivities, or food allergies. When registering yourself/your camper, please be sure to list any food restrictions. This will allow our staff to properly prepare for you/your camper's meals during your time at MCRC.

*If your child has any other allergies, those can also be listed on our health form.

Can campers use their cellphones while they’re at camp?

Each camp has their own cellphone policy. Please contact your child's camp director for more information. If you would like your camper to call you while they're at camp, communicate that with the appropriate camp director.

Can I send care packages or emails to my camper?

Yes! Please mail your care packages to your camper at our mailing address in plenty of time to arrive while your child is at camp. We ask that you not send your camper drinks or snacks. If you would like email your camper a message, please email your message at Make sure their first and last name and camp they are attending is in the subject (Ex: Sally Smith - All Ages).

What type of training do the counselors receive?

We ask that all of our volunteers for summer camps and retreats undergo a background check and adhere to the Safe Camp Policy, which you can read for yourself here.

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