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Capital Campaign

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capital campaign: Hopes & Dreams

Updated Cabins

Est. Cost: TBD

After many years of love from campers, MCRC's cabins are in need of a facelift! We are hoping to raise enough money to cover the cost to replace some of our small cabins with retreat style cabins that can hold larger groups comfortably for longer.

New AC units for the 3rd Floor

Est. Cost: TBD

The 3rd floor gets used by nearly every group, but there is no camp its more popular amongst than the Creative Spirit and Backstage Pass groups! During the summer the 3rd floor gets HOT and is even worse when the stage lights are beating on you in full costume during a packed show. To make the auditorium more safe and comfortable for our campers and guests we'd like to add two new industrial AC units.

Upgraded Pool

Est. Cost: TBD

After this summer (2022), MCRC was informed that our pool no longer meets state/county regulations. The pool was built in the late 50s, so an update is well overdue anyway. We would love to replace our current pool with an updated one that better serves the needs of our community!

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