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Summer camps

Merom Camp and Retreat Center offers several camp programs throughout the summer. Each camp offers a unique experience to suit every kind of camper of all ages and backgrounds! What all of our camps share is that they provide a safe and fun environment to learn, make life long connections, and grow into their best self. If you wish to send your camper a message while they're with us, please email with the subject

"[Camp Name] - [Childs Name]." example: All Ages - Sally Smith

Links to register for camp can be found here!

All registrations and payments are due 1 week before the event.*

*Cancellation Policy:

8 days before: Full refund

4-7 days before: 50% refund

1-3 days before: No refund


Directors: Sr. High: Samanta Barrett & Ken Rose Jr.

       Jr. High: Adam Beyl & Stevi Cook

       Genesis: Emily Cotner & Amber Arend

       Coordinator: Brandy Barrett


Age Group: 3rd - Grads

Pricing: $300per camper

Dates: June 10th - 15th, 2024

Faith Journeys is all about community. We celebrate how God made us and help each person grow into the incredible person God created us to be.

We do service projects, play games, low ropes, have big & little buddies, and eat & worship together. Each age group leads worship in rituals Jesus taught: remembering your baptism, anointing & healing, and foot washing. We hope you can join us so we can get to know the amazing human God created you to be!



Directors: Amber Arend & ​Jennifer Kilpatrick


Age Group: 1st - 3rd graders

Pricing: $150 per camper

Dates: June 12th - 15th, 2024

We are a half week camp that focuses on faith, fun, and friendships. Through daily Bible stories and crafts, campers will strengthen their relationships with God and each other. We also get to enjoy the great things Merom Camp and Retreat has to offer like a trip to the tower, a walk to the Bluff,

and lots of outdoor play!


Director: Laura Prange


Backstage Pass

Age Group: 9th - 12th grade

Pricing: Backstage Pass $150 per camper

Dates: June 19th -23rd, 2024

Creative Spirit

Age Group: 6th -12th grade

Pricing: Creative Spirit $300 per camper

Dates: June 23rd - June 29th, 2024



Backstage Pass is a set design camp that prepares the stage and set for the play that will be performed at end of Creative Spirit.

Creative Spirit is a theater camp in which the campers will audition, be casted in rolls, practice and perform the show on Friday night! It is an amazing week of songs, lines, friends, and sharing the gifts God has given us.


Director: Katie Kone


Age Group: 4 y/o +

Pricing: $300 for 2 / $150 for additional

Dates: July 10th - 13th, 2024

Just You & Me, Kid is the perfect starter camp for young campers who are new to staying away from home prepping them for overnight camps on their own. Activities are geared towards campers and their significant adult. These include Bible study, crafts, games, and fellowship, bringing campers closer to each other and God!


Director: Bev Kahle & Rob Lowery


Age Group: 3rd - Grads

Pricing: $300 per camper

Dates: July 14th - 20th, 2024

All Ages offers a unique experience where campers spend the week in multi-age cabins and family groups while also having time with kids in their age group. This camp embraces the gifts each person brings regardless of age & actively teaching Christian values in a family setting. The philosophy of the the camp is built on mutual respect - Respect for God, others, the world & our homes, and ourselves. At the heart of the camp is the growth of a personal faith in Christ, practiced in community.

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