just you & me, kid

The All Ages camp offers a unique experience where campers spend the week in multi-age cabins and Family Groups while still having time with kids their own age.  The camp embraces learning to appreciate the gifts each person brings regardless of age, and actively teaching Christian values in a family setting.  The philosophy of the camp is built on mutual respect - respect for God, others, the world and place where we live, and ourselves.  At the heart of the camp is the development of a personal faith in Christ, practiced in community.
All Ages is open to kids entering 3rd grade through current year grads
Leadership:  Doug Bolin; Chaplin: Rev Bev Kahle
Faith Journeys is a multi-age camp that emphasizes Christ's living presence both at camp and back home.  The camp offers a place where we can share our own stories as we explore and share the stories from the Bible.  Knowing that God's Spirit is already working in each youth and adult, there is an atmosphere of mutual respect that encourages personal worth and Christian responsibility.  This week includes age-group and all-camp activities to strengthen Christian community, camper maturity, and intergenerational learning.
Faith Journeys is open to kids entering 3rd grade through current year grads.
Genesis: 3rd - 6th - Isaac Field
Jr High:  7th - 9th - Adam Beyl & Lydia Hancock
Sr High:  10th - current year grads - Samantha Barret & Rev. John Heckman

This half-week camp is designed for younger campers who are experiencing camp for the first time alone.  Campers will participate in creative Bible studies, swim, sing, do crafts and join together for fun and fellowship.​
Parent Retreat Option:  For a small additional fee, one parent may stay on campus during this time to ease any apprehensions that your child may have about being away from home.  Parents may, but are not obligated to participate in the youth programming.
Getting Started camp is open to kids entering 1st grade through 3rd grade.
Leadership:  1st - 3rd grades  -  Amber Arend Voelker

Cancellation Policy for all events:

8 days prior to camp - Full Refund

4-7 days prior to camp - 50% Refund

1-3 days prior to camp - No refund

We think Summer Camps are very special.  Many of the directors, counselors and staff had their own Summer Camp experience at Merom in their younger years, but, don't just take our word for it.  Hear what the campers have to say on their camper evaluations.
If you wrote the camp description, what would you write?
  • This camp will be your home away from home
  • Camp was just like .... really awesome and really cool and nice and stuff like that
  • Merom is awesome!
  • Merom is a break from home and you can make new friends
  • Amazing place.  Amazing week!
  • I would how much I experienced and the connection to God I had
  • Are you looking for fun?  If so, Merom is the place to go - not only is it fun, but here you can feel a closer connection to God
  • It is a life changing experience
  • A camp where worries float away and people love each other for who they are
  • A place with no judgement and a place where strangers become family
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backstage pass

This camp is designed with the younger campers in mind.  Activities are intergenerational and geared towards campers 4-10 years of age and their parent, grandparent, or other significant adult.  Engaging Bible verses in creative ways, crafts, games, swimming, and fellowship work together to bring campers closer to God and each other
Just You & Me, Kid is open to kids 4 years and up with their parent, grandparent, or significant adult.
Leadership:  Nancy Menke & Rev. Katie Tabler-Kone

getting started

creative spirit

faith journeys

all ages

Backstage Pass is a camp that designs and constructs the set and technical aspects of Creative Spirit's large production.  If you like to build, paint or draw, this camp is for you.
Backstage Pass is open to kids entering 9th grade through current year grads. 
Leadership:  9th - current year grads - Laura Prange


Creative Spirit is a music, arts, drama, and dance camp.  Everyone who attends will be on stage in some capacity.  The camp is about embracing the talents God gave us and using them to the best of our abilities in performance.  In addition to rehearsal, we also join together every day in times of worship and reflection.  The camp will be split by age to provide more opportunities to be on stage in larger roles.  Campers are encouraged to support both performances.
Friday: 7pm - older youth perform in the auditorium.
Saturday:  10am - younger youth perform in the chapel.
Creative Spirit is open to kids entering 6th grade through current year grads
Leadership:  6th - current year grads - Laura Prange
Tri-Level camp is devoted to strengthening relationships within your own age groups as well as interacting with all three age levels combined for a welcoming family-like atmosphere.  A focus of all the camps is helping campers develop a sustainable, relevant relationship with Christ and a deeper understanding of the Bible.  During the week, campers will participate in service projects, high and low ropes courses, and canoeing, as well as small group and whole group activities and competitions.  Other camp traditions include singing after meals, a talent show, 4th of July carnival, water Olympics, and much more!  We hope you will join us for a week of camp!
Tri-Level is open to kids entering 3rd grade through current year grads.
Juniors: 3rd - 6th - Jake House
Mid-High: 7th - 9th Rachel Wheaton
Seniors: 10th - current year grads - Kari Anderson

2021 Events

Faith Journeys - Jr High - June 12-15, 2021

Faith Journeys - Sr High - June 15-18, 2021

Faith Journeys - Genesis - June 18-21, 2020

Getting Started - June 18-21, 2021 (with Faith Journeys Genesis)

Backstage Pass - June 23-27, 2021

Creative Spirit - June 27 - July 3, 2021

Tri-Level - July 4-10, 2021

All Ages - July 11-17, 2021

Just You & Me, Kid - July 21-24, 2021

Back to School - July 30 - Aug. 1, 2021

Alumni Camp - October 15-17, 2021

Simple Crafts - December 3-4, 2021